Entry #1

Here we go again B:\

2017-06-30 09:32:11 by StrifePainter

Pffffft I changed my name so I had to make a new account lolol

First time here! I have no idea how to work this thing, I mean I'll post art stuff here I guess 0w0 HoNk 

I am a little (who am I kidding, srsly there's nobody out there but I'm way over the top) obssessed with Homestuck so don't blame me if I post too much Homestuck art, I like anime (yes I am an otaku), Undertale (how i first re-picked up art last year, Overwatch (hot damn I love it, trying to get it for my birthday this year) and more stuff yada yada yada

Who are my inspirations? who knows, until I tell you. So now I'll tell you my inspirations! Andrew Hussie (yes the inhuman Homestuck guy), Toby Fox (cool music, works in Andrew's Hussie's basement), Bob Ross (so help me if you don't know who that legendary man is), Blizzard Entertainment (Currently my dream to get there) and for the spam, ikimaru, Kawacy, Draw with Jazza, and I probably have more.

You guys (who am I talking to, the stage is empty) can find me on other social media, same name (again if you haven't checked that out it's StrifePainter) on Tumblr and Instagram!

(What, NG says I should make a post about myself right?)



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2017-07-02 06:28:38

I like the art you've put up so far, keep em coming!

StrifePainter responds:

lolol thank you!


2017-07-05 12:09:59

Hey there!
You have great potential in Art

StrifePainter responds:

aww, thanks!